The Securities Arbitration Law Firm of Klayman & Toskes Continues to Investigate Claims Against Full Service Brokerage Firms On Behalf of Investors Who Sustained Losses in Tenants-In-Common Investment

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Sponsor 07/05/07 losses, BGK Integrated Group Updated Sponsor 10/23/08 losses, BGK – Carriage Park 12/18/07 losses, BGK – Central Park I & II 12/21/07 losses, BGK – Greenway San Antonio 11/1/07 losses, BGK – Integrated Group Sponsor 06/13/06 losses, BGK – Kingwood 6/10/08 losses, BGK – One American Place losses, BGK – Orangewood Cleveland 10/22/07 losses, BGK – Paradise losses, BGK – Pyramid losses, BGK – Sable Chase Apartments 02/05/08 losses, BGK – San Mateo losses, BGK – St. Mary's Lane 4/1/08 losses, Blackhawk Development Company LLC Sponsor 2/1/09 losses, Bluerock Equity – Jacksonville losses, Bluerock Equity – Landmark/Laumeier losses, Bluerock Real Estate Sponsor 12/15/06 losses, Bluerock – Cummings Research Park Portfolio I losses, Bluerock – Cummings Research Park – Portfolio II 12/04/07 losses, BNI Equities – Kuyper 10/5/07 losses, Canyon Creek Development Sponsor 08/02/06 losses, Canyon Creek Development – ML 3 Senior Living losses, Capital Real Estate Sponsor 12/20/05 losses, Capital Real Estate Updated Sponsor losses, Capital Real Estate – Cooper Ridge Apartments losses, Capital Real Estate – Lake Shore losses, Capital Real Estate – Seasons at Horsetooth losses, Carey Realty Sponsor 01/20/06 losses, Cawley Partners & Fund I Sponsor 05/14/07 losses, Chesapeake Advisors Sponsor 04/21/06 losses, Chesapeake Advisors – Fairfax Office Building losses, Christopher Place Holdings – Decatur Senior Properties losses, Christopher Place Sponsor 09/21/06 losses, Clearwater Real Estate – The Meadows at Sandhollow 1/24/08 losses, Cleveland 10/22/07 losses, CORE Realty Holdings Sponsor 11/28/06 losses, CORE – AT&T Regional Headquarters losses, CORE – Bridford Lake losses, CORE – Brookfield Lakes losses, CORE – Cardinal Apartments losses, CORE – Champions Club losses, CORE – Chatham Woods losses, CORE – Deerwood Meadows Apartments losses, CORE – Governor's Pointe 07/19/07 losses, CORE – Hickory Creek Apartments losses, CORE – Hidden Lakes losses, CORE – Lansing MI Warehouse losses, CORE – Madison Adams Farm Apartments losses, CORE – Northridge Promenade losses, CORE – Park West losses, CORE – Revere Golf Course 07/11/07 losses, CORE – Riverbend Apartments losses, CORE – San Antonio Airport Industrial 12/21/07 losses, CORE – Sonoma Ridge Apartments losses, CORE – Sterling Place losses, CORE – Valencia losses, CORE – Vistas at Seven Bar Ranch losses, CORE – W. 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Sponsor 08/08/07 losses, Texas Energy Holdings Inc. Sponsor Update 7/10/09 losses, The Geneva Organization Sponsor 11/29/04 & Update 11/11/05 losses, TIC Capital LLC Sponsor 11/04/05 losses, TIC Capital LLC Updated Sponsor losses, TIC Capital – 555 Republic Place losses, TIC Capital – Selina Plaza 8/31/07 losses, TIC Capital – State Farm Ops Center losses, TIC Capital – Tyler Plaza 01/19/07 losses, TIC Properties LLC Updated Sponsor 12/21/07 losses, TIC Properties Sponsor 09/07/05 losses, TIC Properties – 122 W. John Carpenter losses, TIC Properties – 302 West Third Street losses, TIC Properties – Bucks County 9/12/07 losses, TIC Properties – Burnham Center losses, TIC Properties – Hibiscus Boulevard losses, TIC Properties – Hudson Bridge 08/23/07 losses, TIC Properties – Landmark Office Building losses, TIC Properties – Main Street losses, TIC Properties – One Valley View losses, TIC Properties – Poplar Ave 3/24/08 losses, TIC Properties – Royal Tech Center losses, TIC Properties – Schulte Road losses, TIC Properties – Southfield Office losses, TIC Properties – The Acropolis losses, TIC Properties – The Lexington at Madison (Huntsville) 01/10/08 losses, TIC Properties – Wachovia Center losses, Triton Financial LLC Sponsor & Fund 09/16/07 losses, TSG – Elk Lakes Shopping Center losses, TSG – The Landings Shopping Center losses, Union Capital LLC* losses, Wangard Advisors – 875 East Wisconsin Ave. losses, Waveland Capital / Post Investment Group Sponsor losses, Weinstock Porter Development Sponsor 5/6/08 losses, Wells Real Estate Funds – Westway One 10/19/06 losses, Western America - Revere Corporate Center 5/27/08 losses, Western America – Avondale I losses, Western America – Colorado Springs Corporate Center 03/20/07 losses, Western America – Desert Inn losses, Western America – East Mesa I losses, Western America – Gilbert Commerce Center 10/16/07 losses, Western America – Hot Rod Hill losses, Western America – Lecota Office Center losses, Western America – Mountain Plaza Park losses, Western America – Renaissance Office Park losses, Western America – Riverfront losses, Western America – Somerset losses, Western America – Southwest Corporate Center losses, Western America – Sunwest Medical Center losses, White Cap Real Estate – 3913 Prospect Avenue 3/3/09 losses, White Cap Realty Sponsor 08/15/07 losses, White Cap Realty – Aurora Building 1/22/08 losses, White Cap Realty – Cherry Point Mall 09/11/07 losses, White Cap Realty – Second Street Plaza (Roscoe) 9/3/08 losses, Wilkinson 1031 – University Plains losses, Wilkinson 1031 – Willowbrook Apartments losses, Wilshire Holdings Sponsor 1/17/08 losses, Woodlark Companies Sponsor 12/13/06 losses | No Comments

The Securities Arbitration Law Firm of Klayman & Toskes, P.A. (“K&T”) announced today that it is continuing to investigate the sales practices and due diligence of Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (“FINRA”) securities broker-dealers who solicited customers to invest in tenants-in-common (“TIC”) investments, including investments in DBSI, Covington Main Street Commons,…

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